The Noblema Team

Pierrick Secco, Virginie Secco

Pierrick secco, Director & Virginie Secco, administrative Manager

Nobléma’s beginnings

If the story begins in 2001 with the creation of Nobléma® by Pierrick Secco, the latter’s experience in the materials trade and more particularly in noble materials such as stone, wood and antique materials goes way back before then.

In Pierrick’s word :

«I acquired a lot of experience from my many voyages. Natural stone has been the perfect pretext for travelling all over the world! To China, Brazil, Italy, Portugal, and Vietnam».

This is how Pierrick went about meeting his suppliers, visiting their quarries and their operations.

«Meeting these men and these families who work with stone remains an exceptional experience. Villages spring up around these quarries. Above all, I’ve felt that my work is about creating ties with these people that enable us to better understand each other despite living thousands of kilometres away from one another».

«Then our relationship takes on a more formal dimension, with the setting up of quality controls, the selection of stones and finishes and with improvements to be carried out on certain products».

«We are always on the lookout for innovative ideas and new and improved processes. For certain worksites, we travel regularly to the quarries to explain the different plans and to ensure that all our clients’ expectations are fulfilled down to the finest detail. We consider that our role is to seek out the finest, most beautiful stone for our clients andit is only by being uncompromisingly demanding that we can hope to find exactly the stone or stones that answer our clients needs for any given project».

«Doing our utmost to satisfy our clients and maintaining durable, quality relationships with our suppliers remain Nobléma’s top priorities.»

Nobléma’s business activities

We import and sell natural stone for exterior decoration and landscaping : terraces, courtyards, low walls, swimming pools…
Our clients are businesses or individual.

We have 3 principle activities : natural stones, reclaimed materials and cobbles.
Our professionalism enables us to supply the materials on our website directly from the quarries without going through middlemen.