Our Pebbles provide charm to your exterior as well as enhancing it. These river pebbles are sold by NOBLEMA throughout France, they are part of our regions’ heritage, formerly used in Calade for the development of our streets and villages.

Their use offers many advantages :

  • Respect for the environment by short supply distances. All our pebbles come from France or elsewhere in Europe.
  • The enhancement of our urbans spaces with the charm and originality of natural stone, usable as paving in pedestrian areas.
  • The comfort of walking or accessibility is not compromised for those of impaired mobility.

NOBLEMA stocks a large range of pebbles : Galets « Tête de Chat », “Galets de Provence” , “Galets d’écurie”.

River pebbles can whole or flat for those of reduced mobility.

Our pebbles range from cobbles to concrete edgings, which we also sell.

To this day, many towns and customers have trusted in us by choosing trimmed or cleaved pebbles to layout on top of streets, squares and terraces ( gutters, thresholds, floor mats, mosaics ). A wide range of choices to put forward your ideas.